is an online portal created by Kroger Company for its employees. The company has 4, 30,000 employees operating in different areas of the United States. The organization always pays the most attention to its employees and provides them with the utmost best experience at their company.  

With the help of greatpeople me Kroger employee login, employees can access their important information like account data, schedules, payments, and more. Anyone who is an employee of the Kroger Company can create its account at and access to his data.

In the present time, there is no other company like Kroger which could provide such convenience to its employee’s workforce.

Advantages offered by the company to its employees:

  • The company offers huge discounts and interesting offers for its employees.
  • The company focuses on creating new job opportunities for employees.
  • Kroger enables employees to continue their education and learning skills.
  • A full-time employee will get a retirement pension and insurances.
  • The company also grants vacation packages to the long term employees working with them.

How to access the log in – For desktop users

The best thing about login to greatpeople me is the process is very easy and convenient. You can easily visit the website and access your employee portal. Therefore for any Kroger employee, it has been made very easier to access the website. With this step by step tutorial, you can access to website from your laptop/PC on any browser.


  • You must have a username and password associated with you. It can be obtained by the manager of your market place.
  • You should have an updated version of windows like windows7/Mac/XP or any other so that your login process can go smoothly.

Steps to access the log in – For desktop users

  • Visit the Kroger employee login portal
  • Enter your login details in the required boxes.
  • Type your enterprise user ID in the first box and in the same manner enter your password in the other box.
  • Click on the ‘sign in’ button to complete the employee login process.

How to access the log in – For Mobile users

Do you want to use it on a mobile? Follow the below-mentioned steps to use greatpeople. I log in on your android phone.


You must have a browser installed on your android phone like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Steps to access the log in – For Mobile users

  • To start, open any browser which is already installed on your phone.
  • Now type login into the search bar of the browser.
  • Locate the ‘employee login’ on the home page of the website.
  • Fill up your login credentials – username and password as provided by your manager in the respective columns.
  • With this, you will be directed to Kroger greatpeople employer page. On that page, you can access your account details.
  • Get all the required information from that page like discount offers, account data, and schedules.
  • In the same way, you can log in to your employer account anytime.

Important things to be considered while login to

  • Make sure you get your proper enterprise user ID. 
  • To create a new password chooses the option ‘reset password’.
  • While entering the login credentials you must ensure that your caps lock if off.
  • The official website for employee login is The site should be noticed carefully.

Cannot log in to the website?

Are you unable to login to your employee account of Kroger GreatPeople The main reason behind this is when you have entered the wrong password for a couple of times?  In case you have entered a wrong password three times then the site block your account.

Forgot password?

  • Go to the password reset page if you have forgotten your password.
  • Provide your enterprise ID in order to change/reset your password. 
  • Click ‘Proceed’ to set a new password.

Kroger pay stub login procedure

In order to use Kroger pay stubs, you should have visit Kroger intranet employee login. To get to the right page just follow the below instructions and you are all set to the Kroger pay stub login page.

  • Go to the secure Kroger employee portal.
  • Go through the statements carefully at the top of the login page.
  • Enter your username and password provided.
  • Click on the ‘I agree’ button to submit that you have read the instructions.
  • Now you can access the Kroger pay stub account.

Clients help

In case you have any doubts or queries you can easily reach 1-800-952-8889. It is suggested that for your security purpose always try to call them from your work area.


The website of Kroger employee login has been made user-friendly with easy navigation.  So in this article, we have tried to list complete information regarding GreatPeople. Everything mentioned is authentic and you will not face any issue with that.