When it comes to great restaurants with excellent food, Smashburger is a renowned name. The fame is majorly due to the high amount of customer satisfaction. The team of Smashburger is always concerned to provide the best experience to their customers, their primary focus is to serve the customer with high-quality food and excellent services in smashburger feedback


The team of Smashburger always carry customer survey, if you are invited to provide Smashburger feedback at www.smashburgersurvey.com you are highly encouraged to share your feedbacks and opinion with the company. Those customers who share their unbiased views and feedbacks are entitled to get lucrative rewards from the team of Smash burger feedback.

Basic Smashburger Survey Needs at – @ www.smashburgersurvey.com

The basic requirement to gets started with the Smash burger feedback survey is to get the invitation. Once you have the invitation, you can easily be a part of the survey conducted by the Smashburger feedback.  There is a handful of the restaurant which needs the feedback from the selective customers, so the feedback is only invitation specific.

The invitation is given to only few customers, once you have the invitation you can take the survey and it is mandatory to finish the survey within 30 days. The company looks forward to getting the survey response only from the customers who have visited Smashburger recently 

The Smashburger survey should be taken by customers of age 13 years and above. It is mandatory for the individuals to not be an employer of the Smashburger restaurant chain. If the survey reward has a sweepstakes draw, it is mandatory for the individual to be above the age of 18 years in order to claim it. Moreover, it is mandatory for the individual to be president of united states. For more information visit to @ smashburger feedback.

Smashburger Survey Rewards at – @ www.smashburgersurvey.com

All the customers who are part of the Smashburger survey can avail discount within the month after being part of the survey. The survey takers can get reward which provides $1 off on their Smashburger order. In order to collect the discount and reward from the Smashburger team, you need to share the copy of the validation code which is provided after the survey. It is usually available on the top of the receipt.

Additionally, Tips for Smashburger feedback

The Smashburger usually consists of few sweepstakes’ programs for the different surveys, you can be a part of such opportunities. To be a part of sweepstakes for the gifts cards and other vouchers you have finished the survey in smashburger feedback.

Participate the Smashburger Survey Successfully?


Follow this simple and easy Step by Step guide to be complete Smashburger feedback :

  1. The survey should begin by entering the link which you see on the receipt. You can directly visit the survey link i.e. www.smashburgersurvey.com.
  2. The next step is to enter the store number, which is available on the top of the receipt. This number should be mentioned in the first blank box.
  3. Then tap on the date picker widget and select the date when you visited the Smashburger store.
  4. Also, enter the time when you visited the Smashburger, the time is available in the drop-down menu box.
  5. Mention the check number on the last box. This order number can be found below the receipt date.
  6. Tap on the start button and take the survey. You can here select the type of feedback which you want to take.
  7. Answer all the questions asked in the survey, you need to mention your level of satisfaction when you visited the Smashburger store.
  8. Mention the correct data like your age, gender, and the income slot. This will help the team of Smashburger feedback to understand the marketing and demographics.
  9. Enter the notification details if the survey invited you to be part of the sweepstakes program. It is applicable only for folks with 18 years and above. You must be a legal citizen of the America. While complete of the survey you would be prompted to provide birthday date, the Smashburger provides you with a special coupon.

10.After finishing the survey click on the submit button.

  1. Copy the validation code mentioned on the receipt.


Smashburger is a renowned fast food chain located in America. The restaurant is famous for yummy burgers and exciting rewards. So just complete the survey and in exciting rewards.